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I am a senior researcher in the database group at Microsoft Research. My current research focuses on big data, stream processing, high performance incremental one-pass analytics, and Cloud computing.

Since early 2012 when we first started the project, I have been working on building Trill, a new high-performance incremental analytics engine built as a .NET library. We use a new system architecture in Trill that provides best-of-breed or better performance across a diverse range of analytics styles and latency needs. You can learn more about Trill by checking out the paper here. Trill is joint work with an amazing bunch of colleagues at MSR, including Jonathan, Mike, James, Rob, Danyel, JohnW, and JohnP. Prior to starting Trill, I worked on streams and big data analytics research, which shipped commercially as the Microsoft StreamInsight engine.

Overall, I am interested in data management, with particular interest in the following areas:

Latest News

I presented Trill at the VLDB 2015 conference. I have uploaded my Trill slides here.

The Trill paper was accepted to appear at the VLDB 2015 conference.

A research paper on sorting has been accepted at SIGMOD 2014. I am especially excited about this work as we revisit a very old sorting technique called Patience Sort, and make it competitive with the fastest sorting techniques of today.

Click here for a full list of my publications.

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